Sepang Event Hall

Situated in Sepang, only few kilometres away from KLIA, this multi purpose event hall comprises of one main hall and several other spaces that can be fully utilized into one big space depending on the need of the event. 

This entire project is designed with maximum regards of the environment, sustainability approach as well as maximum practical spatial layouts and functionality. 

Materials used are of local sourced and carefully selected to bring about a Malay nuance into the entire design while providing natural thermal comfort.

Cafe Lima, Dubai

This new and upcoming hipster café situated in Dubai opt for a more rustic architectural finishes with a hint of modern contemporary furniture. 

The entire floor plan is designed for an open plan sitting areas with designated private corners for small business meetings and gatherings. 

The entire nuance of the interior was designed such that it will make the customers feels more like a home as they enjoy a cup of the finest designer’s coffee.

Retail Shop, Mexico

Our retail shop located in Mexico has been synchronised with the surrounding environment of a traditional market. The proposal focused on the practicality, and the client’s requirement.

 Industrial style has been introduced with a touch of some modern elements, which make the shop approachable by locals. Timber, steel, and glass are the major materials of this proposal. 

The project in approved for construction by the local authority, and to be finished in 2021