Oman House

Derived from the site history as well as the client’s requirement on which the modern style movement merged with a touch of Omani traditional theme. 

Arranged according to the Islamic design principles and provide comfort, connection and privacy to the family. 

This multi generation house is divided into the main building area for the grandparents, and into 4 other smaller units for the other generation. 

London Terrace

Linked houses were proposed to fulfill a new level of lifestyle that is absent in the heart of UK.

 The main concept is to develop an arrangement of shapes to appear in balanced and harmonic layout. Some green elements is proposed along with a perfect climate study to provide a maximum level of thermal comfort for the residents. 

As it appears, the design take into consideration the pedestrian friendly roads straight away accessible from the roads as what most typical terraces houses in UK are.

The Cubic

A minimalist tropical concept has been used in designing this terrace house. The picture illustrates the frontage which consist a foldable louvers engaged with the straight and clean lines of the concrete facade. A single parking space is available in the front side with a tropical architecture experience in the proposed landscaping approach. 

Front entrance has been designed with tropical architectural experience. Overhang cover from the first floor works as shelter from sun and rain. Floor to ceiling glassing wall has been placed at the foyer space in order to provide natural lighting and ventilation, as well as maximising the volume at the entrance of the house.