Elegance in Grandeur

In the heart of the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Ecorizon created a modern space full of comfort, energy and nuance.

The client preferred an elegance architecture that features his own favourite colors. 

Darker hues are used to enhance the ambiance as well as accent the furniture choices. Modern, bold yet romantic style furniture were used to accentuate the whole living area.

Puncak 7 Residence

This 3 bedroom apartment is requested by the Client to be furnished to increase its sales value and rental yield.

Using the theme of Modern Scandinavian, Ecorizon opt for teal and grey interior hues for the overall looks

A touch of modern chaise lounge added a warmth to the comfortable feeling achieved by combining what is suitable for the size of the apartment with its functionality.

Modern Contemporary

Inspired by retro modern movement,  this two story bungalow in Kajang speaks just that.

The Client request a modern living space with a little bit of retro touch.


We proposed some vertical elements to maximize the volume using textures combination of soft and rough to balance the space. 

A couple of modern wing-chair with bright color is used in order to define the space. 

Practical Urban Studio

Double as rental property, this corner studio’s master bedroom is designed to deliver the ambiance of coziness and practicality with easy maintaining and inclusive features to the basic furniture. 

Hard wood flooring offer depth in the space and textured feature wall behind the head board provides focal point. 

Office and more!

The client requires a space for his own office and studio unit. In this proposal, the design contains a simple but yet classical vibe with a touch of modern element to balance the environment.

 The office designed in a way to provide a homy environment regarding to the clients long working hours. The staff working space maintain a clear modern, and minimalist design for more productivity and less distraction. 

Classic + Modern French

This 230 sq.m Town House combines the luxury of classical interior with modern furniture ensemble. 

Both integrated in a symphony of aesthetics and functionality that bring out the most of the owner’s personality. 

The use of a low window bench provides full access to the view outside while the huge renaissance paintings on the wall added a dramatic flair to the somewhat neutral colour shade of the elegance yet family friendly décor. 

Training Centre, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

An industrial environment has been introduced to this training centre to add a motivational environment that helps the students to enjoy while they are learning. 

Concrete, timber and steel were the major materials used in the proposal. The space is being constructed and fulfilling its own purpose.