Patawali Resort

Resting on a beautiful 67 acre land in Sepang, this resort encapsulate the true meaning of an Eco Resort.

with 3 types of chalet around a beautiful lake, animal farms, orchard as well as residential project, Patawali Resort offers the ultimate gate away from city life within the city.

The planning of the resort is done with minimum to none distraction to the natural features of the site. Using locally sourced materials and simple architectural solution, the Patawali Resort will be an example of sustainable urban projects that does not rip off the Client's pocket.

Goa Pavilion

The aim was to identify the most suitable location for the proposed activities in the given location. At first, site analysis and synthesis is taking place to propose a location without including any structural elements to the site. A pavilion has been proposed to provide a shading devices with water harvesting strategy.